Candidates FAQs

Q: How Do I Contact A Recruiter?

  • There are 3 easy ways to contact a recruiter.
  • Use the Register Here or Submit Resume Links
  • Call us at 1 800 929 9017
  • Send us a email at

Q:What Happens Once I Submit My Resume To PharmaBio Staffing?

  • Once you submit your resume you will be contacted by a Client Services Manager specializing in the position you are searching for.
  • We will then schedule a phone interview with you to review your current skills, position requirements and career goals so that we can create a candidate profile for you to ensure we meet your required needs.
  • We will review this profile with our current client openings and when a suitable opening becomes available you will be contacted again by a Client Services Manager, who will present you with the information regarding this position.
  • If you are interested in the position and provide us your permission to submit your information to the client company we will go ahead and do so.
  • At the client recommendations we will then set up the interview process.
  • In addition to providing you with all the required information and coaching you will need to successfully present yourself to the client, we will also provide you with feedback following the interview.
  • We will support you in negotiating an offer if presented and also assist you in resigning from your current position as required.

Q: Is My Resume And Information Kept Confidential?

  • Yes, we never share your information or resume without your prior consent.
  • You will always be contacted by one of our Client Service Managers to discuss the suitability of the position prior to sending your resume to any of our Client Companies.

Q: Is There A Fee For Using A Recruiter?

  • No, there is never a fee to the applicant, our recruiting service fees are incurred by the employer.
  • However we do require that each candidate participates fully in ensuring his successful placement in a position by fulfilling all the key requirements when applying for any current openings.
  • These requirements will be discussed and presented to you by your Client Services Manager, who will work with you closely to ensure your success.

Q: What Level of Positions Do You Currently Recruit For Within The Industry?

  • We recruit from senior levels to junior levels within the industry.
  • Depending on your skill set you will be assigned to a recruiter who will be very familiar to your area and level of position you are currently applying for.

Q: As A Contract Hire Who Is My Employer?

  • PharmaBio Staffing is your employer and will issue your paycheck.
  • Your time and/or expenses can be submitted on our website.

Q: Why Go Through PharmaBio Staffing Instead of Job Boards?

  • Companies are usually overwhelmed with resumes and your resume may never get the consideration it requires.  With our extensive network within the industry we try our utmost to contact and present your credentials directly to the hiring manager.
  • Our Client Services Managers will contact you personally and will work with you to identify your skills, goals, geographic preference and salary requirements in order to find the right position for you.
  • We only send your resume to a hiring manager with your permission and once the client requests an interview we help you prepare for that interview by providing you with information about the Client Company.
  • We also give you feedback from the client after the interview and assist with all negotiations once an offer is made.
  • The final and most important point in working with PharmaBio Staffing is that we will become your career partner throughout your career and will always be available to you when you require us.

Q: Why Should I Register On Your Site?

  • By registering with PharmaBio Staffing you can submit your resume and complete a skills assessment form (which will be sent by e-mail) which will allow us to match your skills and qualifications with our Client Companies.
  • You can also submit how you would prefer to be contacted by PharmaBio Staffing to arrange a telephone interview in order for us to fully understand your requirements and what it is you are looking for in your next position.
  • We keep all of your information confidential and no company is contacted without your consent.