Permanent Placement

We take the time to understand your business, your values and the type of employees you want to hire.
We understand the complexity involved in hiring competent professionals especially in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry.
  • Our sourcing teams mine our own vast and growing database of exceptional talent, by accessing areas that no one typically takes the time or resources to seek out.

  • Our in-depth interviews go beyond the standard answers to discover if an individual’s skills, experience, personality and motivation are suited to your company.

  • Our aim is to save you valuable time and money by presenting you with the most qualified candidates and helping you to close the deal using the best practices throughout the offer and negotiation process.

  • We follow through with complete candidate on boarding, including reference checks, background screening and logistical co-ordination. 


If you want to gain access to specialized professionals or increase control over costs, contract candidates are the answer. Most companies have broadened their hiring strategies to include contract employees.
  • We have a deep pool of qualified contractors that span the industry.

  • Our recruiters will find and place contractors that have the capability to integrate seamlessly into your team at your premises.

  • Our contractors will help you meet a tight deadline, or provide long-term support on a vital project.

  • Most importantly our contractors can provide the expertise you need from day one and they always hit the ground running.


PharmaBio Staffing specializes in providing project development teams and senior consultants within the Pharmaceutical, Biologics, Generics, Medical Devices and OTC industries.
  • Our consultants have varying levels and areas of expertise which they utilize to achieve maximum results with greatest efficiency.

  • Your requirements are our consultant’s primary focus and their focus is always to work towards creating solutions that can sustain long term stability and are scalable.

  • From an hour’s work with one consultant to major projects involving a large team of consultants, we can assist in providing the correct solution for you.


Managing current federal and state regulations to ensure your pharmaceutical product is compliant with existing agency requirements within all your departments is a critical, complex and challenging process. The pharmaceutical industry is a knowledge based business, and one of its most important resources is skilled, knowledgeable people.
Whether you are searching for advice on setting up a clinical site to submitting an Investigational Drug Application or New Drug Application, creating new manufacturing suites or addressing post-marketing requirements, we can help you achieve your goals within your timeline.
We have access to experienced Permanent, Contract and Consulting personnel at all levels within Clinical, Chemistry, Manufacturing, Quality, Nonclinical, Regulatory and Commercial.


Today’s Biotechnology products and companies are a significant sector of today’s Life Sciences market. Many product challenges include IP, Manufacturing, and complex compliance regulations, to name a few.
We will provide you a staffing plan for each of your products and work with you to ensure that you are adequately resourced throughout your product development process.
Whether you are searching for advice on setting up a clinical site to submitting a Biological Investigational Drug Application or Biological New Drug Application, creating new manufacturing suites or addressing post-marketing requirements, we can help you achieve your goals within your timeline.


The developed products created by the Generic industry must meet the same quality standard as brand name products. They must have the same efficacy versus the designated reference product, which is subsequently achieved through bioequivalency studies. In addition to this the facilities required to manage generic products must also meet the same cGMP requirements as brand name products.
New requirements for biosimilars or Follow-on biologics increases the required knowledge of staff employed to fulfill each organizations generic product objectives.
Our experienced team strives to understand your current corporate timelines and challenges within your organization, and then subsequently matches your requirements with the skilled personnel necessary to achieve your product development goals.

Medical Devices

Developing medical devices requires skilled personnel who understand all the current compliance requirements for developing your products.
Our team at PharmaBio Staffing is dedicated to providing you the skilled people you require to support all of your recruitment needs within each of your departments.
Whether you are searching for advice on developing a Premarket Notification 510k, or Premarket Approval (PMA) or setting up manufacturing suites or performing clinical trials, we can help you achieve your goals within your timeline.

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