Employer FAQs

Q: Why Should I Use A Search Firm?

  • Often the best person for the job already has a job.  A good search firm can help you find that individual, as you will not find them on any job boards.
  • We can help you locate the top candidates within the industry through our extensive network and screen them appropriately by following up on references and ensuring they meet your requirements.
  • We can maintain your anonymity as required.
  • At PharmaBio Staffing we have a database of carefully screened individuals and no one is presented to you without first being interviewed by our skilled Client Service Managers.
  • We review the skill sets you require to fill the position and match only candidates that fit your needs. Unlike many other recruiting agencies we will not send you non-specific resumes for your review.

Q: What Does A Search Firm Do?

  • At PharmaBio Staffing we work with you to develop a detailed and accurate job description so that you get the candidate your company needs.
  • Our applicants fill out a detailed skills questionnaire and their current resume is parsed into our database which allows us to match the candidate’s skills against the employer’s requirements.
  • Our Senior Client Service Managers interview each prospective candidate in order to evaluate their technical skills and experience as well as their interpersonal skills and personality.
  • We will recommend only the most qualified candidates

Q: How Do I Post A Job On Your Site?

  • We are not a job board but we do post jobs for clients we currently work with.

Q: What Level of Positions Do You Recruit for Within the Industry?

  • We recruit from senior levels to junior levels within the industry.
  • We will assign a recruiter on a client opening who is very familiar with senior level positions when required and similarly to any junior positions as they arise.

Q: What Are Your Typical Fees?

  • Our fees are reflective depending on the type of position you are trying to fill and which one of our Services you choose to utilize.
  • The method of recruitment, retained or contingent also plays a key role in our fee structure for the permanent placement of Candidates.